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January 17-21, 2023

destin, fl

5 days of presence, nourishment & deep soul care

The perfect way to begin the new year

the retreat tone

Honor the invitation of winter







let go of productivity & Experience your natural pause

Gift yourself the space to regenerate. urgency has no place here. come, be nourished & replenish your inner cup.

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you are invited to receive a full system replenishment...

FOOD MEDICINE: Restore your body with intuitive nourishment

SPACIOUSNESS: Cultivate inner stillness through intentional periods of listening (silence)

NERVOUS SYSTEM CARE: Attune to your body's natural healing rhythm

ENERGETIC HYGIENE: Safely release stuck or unprocessed emotions that *will* arise

CREATIVE PRACTICE: Go within your instinctual realm, tend to your natural flow

HONOR: Rekindle your reverence for life

all inclusive luxury retreat

✺ beautiful, elevated accommodations 5 days x 4 nights

✺ all nourishing meals during your stay

✺ Various healing & creative workshops

✺ Restoration time at the pool, Hot tub and the beach

✺ and other special gifts


3 Payments of $633

payment plan

Are you on the Fence? This is How we Suggest Finding Clarity:

Are you feeling really drawn to the idea of the retreat, but can’t justify it in some way (due to finances, time off work, childcare, etc?)

✺ Step 1: Take a few moments to slow your breathing, anchor into your body and set the intention you will come to clarity on this decision.

✺ Step 2: Choosing the questions that feel right to you, walk yourself through the exercise of self inquiry to gain clarity in the face of resistance.

Is your resistance due to old fears about the past or future, limiting beliefs, your inner saboteur? Or is your resistance a sign of guidance that you are meant to heed at this time?

  1. If there isn’t a right or wrong answer here no matter what I choose, what do I desire to actually happen?
  2. What am I afraid will happen if I say yes to this retreat?
  3. What am I afraid that will mean about who I am, if I say yes to this retreat?
  4. What excites me about saying yes to this retreat?
  5. What do I need in order to feel safe saying yes to this retreat?
  6. What does my heart say about attending this retreat?
  7. What does my mind say about attending this retreat?
  8. What does my body say about attending this retreat?

payment plan

things to note

The following is not included in the retreat price:

  • airfare & travel to and from the airport (see airport details below)
  • alcoholic beverages (we want everyone to feel excellent in their bodies during this retreat. We will provide crafted herbal mocktails and if you wish to partake in alcoholic beverages or spirits, you may bring your own)


  • fly into VPS (Destin-Fort Walton Beach) Airport (about 25 min uber/lyft to our beach house)
  • our beautiful retreat space has a pool & hot tub and is walking distance from the beach (pack accordingly)
  • make sure to check the weather for Destin before travel - the temperature can vary this time of year
  • there is plenty of space for you to have solo-reflection time, journaling, or relaxing in between sessions outside of your room


The Heart Path Retreat was one of the most beautiful experiences to be a part of. The weekend was a complete vortex into a place of love, divine sisterhood, and healing, existing in our own time and space from the outside world. Learning to deepen my relationship to my heart, alongside other like minded women, now sisters, was life changing. Over the course of the weekend, I felt myself transcend ancestral patterns and childhood narratives and overcome sisterhood wounding. My heart space grew and expanded in a way that I never thought possible. I opened to receiving myself and trusting life in a completely new way. And to do so supported and loved on by other women as it happened was deeply nourishing as we laughed, danced, played, shared wisdom, and held each other through all the healing. So much has unfolded and continues to unfold in my life in the most incredible way since being initiated into the way of the Heart Path.

Being led by Beth & Katy is nothing short of magic. They are an incredible partnership together in the creation of sacred space and I felt so safe, held and truly witnessed in my healing. Their authentic presence and embodiment of walking the heart-led path themselves is an inspiration to be around. They are two of the most genuine souls - grounded guides with the utmost compassion and integrity, dedicated and devoted to the work. Beth & Katy are women you can trust with your heart, your story and your becoming. Not to mention, they are true curators of ambiance & aesthetic, with no details left unturned. I felt so cared for from the depth of the healing sessions down to the nourishing food and gorgeous backdrop. It was such a luxury and treat to be so provided for.

The Heart Path retreat filled my cup in the most important of ways and gave me an experience I was deeply longing for. And looking back my journey to attending was a complete manifestation of the heart right from the start. As someone with a small baby and busy life I didn’t think my attendance would even be possible - but I listened to the small voice desiring it to be and with some inspired action and divine alignment (aka an awesome husband and family to help me out) it came into fruition. And with the Heart Path work I now understand this process deeply and how my heart’s desire guides me to where I need to be. So, if it’s percolating in your heart to attend a Heart Path retreat…follow the calling - this is the gift you have been waiting for! - Lauren

payment plan

Mid Century modern Arch
Mid Century modern Arch

day four

"i call upon my higher self to hold me in this space, to help me be a vessel for truth & spirit"

- Davis Carr | The Hollow Valley Tarot

meet your guides


✺ Porter

Beth Porter is a healer & creative with a certification in facilitating trauma-informed healing via Emotional Polarity Technique™.

She works with individuals all around the world, helping them to remember who they are by returning to wholeness.

Combining her intuitive gifts as a seer, healer and creative curator, she leads you in transmuting your wounding (traumas, unprocessed emotions, pain, limiting beliefs, past life imprinting, etc.) so that you can show up in this world fully as you.

Learn more about her work here


✺ long

Katy is a lifelong student of love, fueled by curiosity and the desire to sink deep into the full spectrum of the human experience.

Katy is here to support you in embarking on your healing journey. Your path is as unique as your fingerprint and she holds space for you to feel empowered and safe to discover your wholeness and embrace the fullness of your life.

Katy is Trained in the Heartmath method and facilitates heart centered healing through awareness, embodiment and deep connection to nature.

Learn more about her work here

contact: hello@earthandetherhealing.com


with love,

Katy & beth

we are here to shower you with love, acceptance ​and gentle guidance as we choose • with courage & ​wisdom • the sacred path of the heart

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